House Visits with Edison


Edison lives up to his name. He is an innovator and one of the leaders in our community group. He isn’t a community health worker like some of the other community leaders in our malaria prevention program, but he is just as motivated and incredibly sharp.

“Our family repaired our net after we learned about the importance of doing so in our last training,” he said.

He has suggested that change starts with reminders and consistency. Sometimes activities can feel redundant, but malaria prevention is a field of education. You sell the value of preventing it, and also constantly give people chances to review how they can be a part of positive change that protects their families from the threats of this ever present parasite.

Whenever I have a house visit with Edison, I get excited, not just to get great advice from him, but also because he lights up a room. I’m so appreciative of patient friends here who share their experiences and are willing to pull me into their journey.