What We Do

STOMP Rwanda empowers farmers and community health workers in rural areas to create community based malaria prevention initiatives, partners with schools to reduce school absence rates due to malaria, and trains Peace Corps Volunteers and Rwandan counterparts in malaria prevention programs.



We help facilitate and support community based interventions that promote a malaria elimination strategy led by Rwandans and accomplished by Rwandans.



We use malaria prevention programs to reduce school absence rates at the primary and secondary level and to motivate young Rwandan leaders in this initiative.



We train Peace Corps Volunteers as well as community health workers and farmers in net repair and malaria prevention strategies through impactful lessons and programs.


Our names are Ryan Sandford and Andrew Abram, and we lead a team of coordinators who are determined to combat malaria in Rwanda through community based intervention, education and research—learning through our successes as well as our failures.

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