STOMP Training: Eastern Province


On Friday, March 1, PCVs Maggie Marsh and Anjali Pradhan, Regional STOMP coordinators for the Eastern Province, led a malaria training for Peace Corps Volunteers in the surrounding area.

The goals and objectives of the training included:

  • Educating volunteers about malaria epidemiology, transmission, and prevention methods,

  • Mobilizing volunteers to implement STOMP activities in their communities,

  • Equipping and motivating volunteers to participate in World Malaria Month (April 25-May 25) activities in their communities.

The majority of attendees were volunteers from the Ed sector. These volunteers and teachers successfully came away from the training with increased knowledge and enthusiasm regarding how to help their communities eliminate malaria. Volunteers gained insight regarding the materials available to them through the STOMP team. Both STOMP National Coordinators Andrew and Ryan attended the training and led a session on a new pilot program that the team is currently implementing called Nightwatch (an action-plan centered and community based intervention focused on behavior change and malaria prevention strategies).

Activities have been tentatively scheduled around the Eastern Province at various volunteers’ sites to occur during the upcoming World Malaria Month to promote malaria knowledge in our communities.

“We are excited to continue fighting malaria in the Eastern Province and working with our communities to eliminate malaria in Rwanda.” - PCV and STOMP RMC Anjali