Kigoma Program: New Levels of Community Partnership and Transmission Education

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On March 12, the STOMP team continued their integrated management approach with coffee farmers in Kigoma sector, joining the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company business meeting, and starting with a malaria intervention co-facilitated with Joseph, one of the community health workers involved in the project.

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Seventy two farmers attended the training and participated in the sessions, which were led in kinyarwanda. STOMP representatives led segments of the sessions, with follow up health messages and direction from the community health worker.

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There were three areas of focus within the discussion and intervention:

  1. Seek early treatment for malaria and call your community health worker to help you if you are unable to do so (Symptoms were outlined in detail)

  2. Malaria reduces your productivity and ability to support yourself and your family (Loss of productivity and work hours lost during harvest)

  3. You have a responsibility to yourself and to your community to protect yourself from malaria—you can cause a female Anopheles mosquito that does not have malaria to pick up the parasite and spread it to others (Conducted In-Depth Transmission Lesson)

  4. Take the information to your neighbors using a kinyarwanda proverb “Amagara Arasesekara Ntayorwa” (Life lost cannot be recovered, pursue a higher quality of life for a better tomorrow)

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